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We have represented people with both serious and more minor injuries in the areas of: Road Traffic Accidents, Workplace/Employment Accidents, Injuries from Medical Negligence and Defective Medical Products, Accidents in Public Places, Defective Products, Injuries as a result of Negligent Cosmetic surgery/treatment (laser hair removal, teeth whitening, vein removal treatment etc), slip, trip and falls, Assaults (physical, psychological, sexual).

We ensure that our client’s claims are submitted to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board as soon as possible. Under statute claims must be, at the latest, submitted to the injuries Board within 2 years of the accident occurring. All Personal Injuries Board Applications must be dealt with by the Injuries Board within 9 months from application. If the claim is not accepted by the party responsible, by the Injuries Board or if we advise you that the amount awarded by the Injuries board is not enough compensation for you, the claim will be dealt with by the Courts. Depending on the type of injury you have suffered we will advise you at that stage how long your claim will take.

You can claim for all losses suffered by you. This includes the pain and suffering you have endured to date and may suffer into the future, loss of earnings, damage to property and any other associated expenses.

Our fees are only payable if our client receives settlement monies. The bottom line is we will you precisely how much our fees will be in advance. If the matter is to proceed to the Courts we will also agree our fee in advance of any Court Hearing. While each case varies depending on its own circumstances our typical fee for all the work involved in an Injuries Board application to get it to the point where our client receives settlement monies is in in the order of €1950.00 plus VAT @ 23%.